One of the main selling points behind Vars&Numbers is the ability to enrich the wealth of knowledge of my customers.

This could mean to do better things. Or to do the same things, but better. I am here to help with both.

The mere attempt to keep up with the pace at which the digital world evolves is not an easy task. And this is what I am here to help you with. I have a wide and deep enough understanding of the most important technologies and techniques in software architecture, software development, DevOps and mathematics to be able to find the fitting solution to your specific problem; and I also know how to use my tools, not only what they can be used for, because I am a doer, not only a consultant.

Speaking of customers. You might want to see a few examples of happy clients that are already benefitting from cooperating with Vars&Numbers. You can do so by playing around with the slider on the right down below. I am still working on adding to the list of my customers. This is why good old Uncle Sam is here with us today.


Become my customer and be happy!


I am just kidding. Of course I want to make a good impression and acquire a new customer. But my intention here is to give you an idea of how I can be of help to a customer, not to rush you into any decisions. So take your time, click on the icons below above and have fun exploring.

Gelateria Ice Ice Baby

The best gelateria in town


In order to build up an online presence, Ice Ice Baby have asked me to design and code their website. I had tons of fun, and I am really happy with the final result. But you see and decide for yourself whether you like it or not. Oh, and should you be in or around Stuttgart: do pay Ice Ice Baby a visit, their ice cream is great!


HTML5, SASS, Bootstrap, Webpack, Google Maps, a bit of JS magic...

Paul Schwarzenberger

Dmitriy did an awesome job. He was fast, efficient, well-organised and constantly kept us up to date. We had a kick-off meeting to which he came very well prepared. Only a short time later we were presented a prototype of a website that conveyed our corporate identity in a modern and appealing way. The remainder of the project went just as professional and seamless as its start.

Gelateria Ice Ice Baby