01 June 2019 - Dmitriy Sevkovych

Setting sail!

Hello everybody!

Today is a remarkable day, don’t you think? I do think so, and here is why:

I am happy and excited to announce that today is the birthday of Vars&Numbers: Software Development & Mathematics!

What is Vars&Numbers? It has something to do with software development and mathematics, obviously. Actually, Vars&Numbers is the nickname (a registered trademark or “®” to be precise) under which from this day on I will offer my services as a freelance software developer, mathematician and data scientist. With other words, Vars&Numbers is me. Who is ‘me’, then? Take a look around the website that you are on right now and find out!

This is it for today, short and snappy. I just wanted to say hello. However I plan to follow up in a few days’ time with news about some open source projects. Stay tuned!