12 June 2019 - Dmitriy Sevkovych

Project announcement: A single-page website to be hosted on GitHub Pages.

Hello everybody!

Since my Vars&Numbers-website is practically done and dusted, I have been thinking about what fun thing to do next. A lot of glorious-though-kinda-vague ideas came and went, and some may still be maturing somewhere deep in my mind. But today I would like to announce and explain a fairly simple idea for a project that I will implement together with my wife, Ivanna.

We have decided to build another static website together and host it on GitHub. Sounds boring? It might be boring for some of you, but it also might be not, so read on.

Our main motivation for this project are the awesome parallax techniques demonstrated by Travis Neilson on his DevTips channel. We will try to utilize some of his hints and tricks to create an interactive story about us, our work and our hobbies.

Ivanna is a professional 3D artist and designer, and I usually pay my dues by coding stuff. But for this project we will switch roles: I am the designer, and she does the code. I think this will be great fun! And even more so because Ivanna has no programming experience whatsoever. In the meantime I, the designer, would be a fool not to admit her superiority when it comes to making things look good.

To round things up, here is a sort of technological road map for this project: We will use the Jekyll framework to build a static website, and use the free hosting opportunity on GitHub Pages. Our goal is the development of a desktop-first website, but we will use some Bootstrap to make it neat and responsive. I am quite sure that we will introduce jQuery and probably some other cool JavaScript libraries along the way. On the backend-side we have a tiny bit of project management with npm and Gulp, and that’s pretty much it. In fact, I have already set-up an empty project, which you can check out here.

Here is why I am telling you all that. For us this project is all about sharing with and learning from each other. Maybe some of you might want to join the party and learn something from and/or with us. Or maybe you can teach us something, we won’t say no that. I assume that we will go at not too fast a pace, since this is a leisure project, but this might be a good thing for following along. Obviously the code will be pushed to GitHub continuously. However if there should be anything you wish to tell us, just hit the “Discuss” button below and let us know.

And that’s it for this post. So long, people, and happy coding to everyone!

Greetings, Dmitriy and Ivanna