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Dear guest! Does your enterprise have a problem, but you struggle to find a satisfying solution?
Or on the contrary: the gamechanger idea is in your head, but you need a little advice to make it kick into gear?
In any case, wouldn't it be helpful to have another capable person get their hands dirty and contribute to your project?
What if you don't want to have to deal with the matter at all? Just get the finished product. Oh, and long-term support would be great!
You search for a person who can think around the corner and doesn't get lost in the complexity?
Need to present your product to picky customers? You want it to look neat or extra-user-friendly or fancy or ... in short, a good design is a must?
Or you simply search for somebody who has sound knowledge of mathematics, software, DevOps and digital design?

In case you find yourself in any of these situations:

Of course I offer all of the services that are alluded to, but let's put the allusions aside. Here is an overview of my services in plain terms:

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